Pay It Forward

Are you a second, third, or fourth generation Physician? Do you have records of your physician parents, grandparents, or ancestors?  Are you curious about the history of medicine in eastern North Carolina?

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," then look no farther than the Health Sciences History Collections at Laupus Library! Make your appointment to either research in the collection or to deposit records from the past!

PCMS has many records stored there from the last century, from the mundane (florist orders to send condolences) to the exceptional! In addition, the History Collections house the records of NCMS back to early 1900's, including the first record of Pitt County Medical Society's physician members (in the 1904 book, after the County Charter was granted on Dec 11, 1903.)

You can also find microscopes and tools for physicians, some on loan from the Country Doctor Museum of Bailey, NC.

IF you would like to donate items for future historians, please contact the library through this link: or call 744-2235 to learn more!

Whether you would like to participate once per year for three hours, or once per month for a full day, we have opportunities for service that fit your schedule and interests.  Below are a few of them; please contact the PCMS office if you would like to volunteer, or follow the links as listed.

No matter how much time you are able to give, you will change a life!

1.  Doctors on Call:  NCMS and PCMS collaborate with WITN for the call-in show in April.  Commitment is for three hours, or any one-hour segment, once per year.  

2. Greenville Community Shelter Clinic: Physician volunteers needed for the Greenville Community Shelter Clinic, a Medical Student run clinic that utilizes physician volunteers to serve as attendings for the clinic. Information or further questions regarding volunteering can be directed to Jake Lloyd Please utilize the link below to learn more about the free clinic and the medical services we offer. Thank you for your generosity and willingness to serve.

4.  HealthAssist: All specialties are needed! Members donate services or appointments to pre-screened, pre-qualified patients. HealthAssist gives monthly statements for your record-keeping.  You choose the number of visits and your co-pay.  Please contact HealthAssist at 847-2821 for more information.

If you do not see an opportunity here that meets your interests, please feel free to contact the PCMS office. We will be happy to connect you with the program that meets your requirements!

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