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     About Pitt County Medical Society

Through the Pitt County Medical Society, physicians of Pitt County promote and maintain the integrity of medicine. The medical society supports healthy lifestyles and promotes the safety and well-being of the community with representation in many civic and educational organizations and it serves as a referral service for the region.

The purpose of the Society shall be to bring together into one organization the physicians of Pitt County, to promote the science and art of medicine, and to foster the common interest of its members and the general public, to join with other county medical societies to form the North Carolina Medical society and through it, with other state societies, to form and maintain the American Medical Association.

The Pitt County Medical Society has a long and distinguished history that dates back to 1867. Celebrating 100 years in 2003, it received a charter from the North Carolina Medical Society on December 11, 1903.

     2016 Board of Directors:

Venkata Jonnalagadda, MD, FAPA – President

Nathaniel Hamilton, MD – Immediate Past President

Christopher Gauland, DPM – President-Elect

Cynthia Ballenger, MD – Secretary-treasurer

     At Large Members:

Karen Buckley, MD
Richard Baltaro, MD, PhD

     Medical Student Representative: Chris Thomas, M2

     Early Career Representative:Swampil Kachare, MD

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